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Yvresse is One of the Outer Kingdoms. The mainland of the Yvresse occupies much of the eastern coast of Ulthuan, but it also encompasses some of the outlying eastern isles. Its warden is the blind swordmaster, Eltharion, who was invited to become warden in the 262nd year of Finubars reign as phoenix king, in the year 2086- Imperial calender.

It only has one main city, Tor Yvresse- which is a shadow of its former self, all of the ampitheatres and grand houses falling into disrepair. It is considered by many elves to be the most un-beautiful area of the Ulthuan, however by its residents it's bleak cliffs and varied bird-life is considered the most beautiful on Ulthuan. The 2 main sites of interest, besides Tor Yvresse, are the Watch Stone of Athel Tarnarha, which was destroyed during Grom's invastion. The second Site of interest is Albreth's Cove, which is home to the sea mast Albreth's fleet.

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