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X Marks the Spot Loc

Location of the Bugman's XXXXXX

A Bestiary Unlock for Giant


Left of the merchant in the Dwarf Ch18 town, click the barrel.

Loc. 11.8k, 24.5k Thunder Mountain


There are two ways to reach the barrel as Destruction. You will be flagged for rvr either way (even on a core server), it's just a matter of when.

  • Cross the bridges from Greenskin Chapter 18, hug the outside of the wall on the right to avoid the guards and then make directly across the Dwarf camp while avoiding a patrolling guard. You will be flagged on your way across the bridges.
  • Enter Thunder Mountain from Kadrin Valley, then cross the bridge to the west and follow the paths west to the Dwarf Camp. Approach the Dwarf camp along the cliffs to the east and then cross over the middle of the camp to reach the ale while avoiding the patrolling guard. You should only be flagged as you make the final dash to the barrel.


Item: Barrel of Ale

Xp: 806

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