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Wsoran or W'soran, first of the Necrarch Bloodline, was once a High Priest in Lahmia when he received the elixir of Life from Neferata which turned him in a Vampire. As in his life, in undead he continued to study Necromancy and became not only a potent vampire but a mighty Spellcaster as well. To this purpose, he lock himself up with his books and scrolls to eventually be killed by one of his students, Melkhior.


The first accounts of Wsoran, Prince of Rasetra, is made some years after the fall of Nagash in -1750 IC. In that distant time, he was a High Priest (see Nehekharan Gods) in Lahmia, then a province of Nehekhara. He was served the elixir of life by Neferata, Queen of Lahmia and first of the vampires, and turned upon drinking in a first line or master vampire. Eleven were so blessed, forming the Deathles Court who ruled over Lahmia as gods, preying upon its inhabitants and possibly even the population of neighbouring kingdoms.

Wsoran, like the other master vampires, gradually changed to fit his sinister lifestyle: he grew fangs, sharp teeth, gained an extremely pale complexion and became intolerant towards the sunlight. He also created many lesser vampires through the Blood Kiss. Of Wsoran's life in that age is not much known, but it is hinted at that the Great Library had more than normal significance to him and his minions and that they studied the black arts or necromancy within.

It was -1200 IC when King Alcadizaar invaded Lahmia with his army, a united force of all the other kingdoms in Nehekhara. The reason for this assault was probably the purging of the cult around the undeath, the vampires and Nagash that had taken root in Lahmia, the centre of which was the Temple of Blood, though others mention the possible return of Nagash and Lahmia siding with him to invade Nahakhara. A third reason might be the fact that vampires had fed on people in neighbouring kingdoms.

Abhorash led the defences and it took Alcadizaar a month from the border of the province to the city at the coast. Wsoran aided by summoning legions of undead, animating the slain soldiers of Alcadizaar's own army and turning them against their still living companions. Legends say that Nagash assisted Wsoran. Eventually however, alcadizaar was victorious and the vampires who survived fled north. The Temple of Blood and the Great Library with all its arcane knowledge went up in flame. Some of the Necrachs, Wsoran's vampiric children, refused to abandon the library and were burned. Wsoran himself took as many books and scrolls as he could carry and made a run for it.

Wsoran, together with the other master vampires who had survived including Neferata and Ushoran, went to Nagashizzar to join their god Nagash who had assembled a large undead army, ready to strike Nehekhara. The vampires, together with Arkhan the Black and possibly the Great Necromancer himself, led the hordes into Nehekhara in -1163 IC but Alcadizzaar beat them back and they were forced to retreat to Nagashizzar. The vampires blamed each other and argued over the future course. Wsoran wanted to hide for a while to further his studies. The others thought differently and they fought for one night. Coming the dawn, the fled for the sun, the argument unsettled. Though another source says it was Nagash who was so angry at the failure of his commanders that the vampires fled before his rage. While the other went each their own way, Wsoran stayed by Nagash's side, hoping to be taught more of his dark arts.

When Nagash launched a second attack, Wsoran stood at his side in his mighty scythed chariot. Riding at the front, he casted his destructive magic upon Alcadizaar's weakened forces, for a plague brought be the Skaven in a deal with Nagash had swept through Nehekhara. The Undead were victorious. Pleased with his assistance, Nagash rewarded Wsoran with one of the Nine Books of Nagash. Wsoran eagerly set to study.

A year later, in -1151 IC, Nagash was assassinated and Wsoran escaped north with the book in his possession. He turned a few of Nagash's most intelligent priests into lesser vampires, thus originating the Necrach bloodline. He would not be satisfied untill he could turn the whole world into an empire of undeath, ruled by himself and so, instead of trying to conquer the world of the living, he set to study in order to conquer the Spirit world.

After Nagashs first death W'soran joined with Abhorash and Ushoran to build the kingdom Strygos and continue his reasrch into the dark arts of necromancy.  He eventually betrayed his kin and fled with his many works after aiding Ushoran in getting Nagashs crown which had been sealed with Kadons body after his death. The crowns power was too great for Ushoran to control and crushed his will.  W'soran fearing the crowns influence fled to the rebel realm of Vorag Bloodytooth.  There he aided the Bloodytooth in his war against the Skaven of Croookback Mountain and helped Vorag build his own pale version of Nagashs Cripple Peak complete with W'sorans own foul labratory of horrors.  In time Wsoran attempted to wrest Nagashs crown from Ushoran in order to gain its secrets.  He created his own helm and infused a part of his essence in it to better understand the crowns affect he gifted it to the tribe of Dresca to see its effects.  He created many terrible experiments of undeath to better master the powers of necromancy and in time master death itself.  He fought a great war against the Strigoi and batted many fellow vampires for power, but in the end when facing the spirit of Nagash in the crown itself as it sat atop Ushorans head and ground down his will W'soran failed to defeat and free the only one could come close to calling a friend he ran and ran and ran.

He ran through the burning realm of Strygos leaving behind his men and armies.  He was ambushed at a pass through the Worlds Edge mountains by a band of Lahmien vampires, an army of Skaven, and his wayward pupil Melkior.  In his desperation W'soren consumed a large amount of warpstone and unleashed his greatest magicks bringing down the whole side of a mountain on his enemies.  W'soran escaped and fled into the far mountains laying a great trap for his enemies.  He built a mountain side keep and filled it with traps along with his greatest works then he sat and waited.  In time his enemies came.  Lahmians, Strgoi, and Melkior came.  Melkior pretended to trying to aid his master by warning him of danger and getting him to open his vault, but was himself tricked.  W'soran slew many of his vampiric attackers and as he was seemingly being slain by his erstwhile pupil Melkoir told him of his greatest discovery when he was almost killed by Nagashs crown for W'soran had discovered how to transfer his soul to another body.  He bit into Melkiors neck and transfered his essance into Melkior.  Decieving the Lahmian vampires watching him he stated he needed several days to crack W'sorans secrets.  

Today he masqeurades as Melkior and continues to search for greater power.  He has enslaved a zombie dragon to his will and hunts his enemies from the sky casting his magicks down onto those below.


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