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Rank Mob
Zone The Chaos Wastes
Subzone The Bastion Stair

(The Steps of Ruin)

PC Reactions

Order Hostile
Destruction Hostile

Wrackspite stands towards the back of the room. Notice that around the room there are about 10 statues. On every 10% health that Wrackspite loses, these statues come to life randomly. These statues barely do any damage to you since its goal is to reach its master. Once the statue reaches Wrackspite, he will gain a rather overwhelming enrage that could easily one shot your tank. So, the goal is to keep the statues from reaching Wrackspite by moving him around.

Initially, have your tank taunt and keep Wrackspite in the center of the room. Everyone in the group should be aware of all the statues in the room and notify the tank where to move when the statue comes to life. A visual alert for this event is a slight smoke effect on the statue's feet. There should be a good 2 seconds before it completely comes to life. As a tank, I have also noticed that Wrackspite enrages when a statue comes to life, so have your healers focus on the tank when a statue comes alive. The tank should move Wrackspite away from the oncoming statue while the DPS brings down the statue. The statues can be rooted, snared and stunned so use those abilities wisely to prevent your tank from moving too much. Also keep note when there is too much DPS in the group. Bringing him down too quickly can trigger multiple statues to come to life hence making it harder to move Wrackspite around. When Wrackspite's health is under 10%, just ignore the statues and DPS him quickly. Just make sure the statues wouldn't reach him in that short amount of time. One time our group got too cocky and the statue reached him with 3% life. He enraged and wiped the entire group.

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