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Dearest Aggie, I've seen a lot in the past few months, but nothin' that c'n beat warmth of your smile. Of those who signed up, only Klaus and I made it to Altdorf. Corvin took a greenskin arrow in the shoulder, and Alfreid was lost in the snows of High Pass. Not a day passes that I don't pray for an end to this war, but there's nothing for it but to keep fightin'. Our enemies are terrible! I've seen horrors you can't imagine, and if we can't stop them, we'll be worse than dead. Word is we're being sent north now, to aid our friends in Praag. Cursed hard fate to keep taking me farther from you! Pray for me, Wolfram Becker. Penned by the hand of Cornelius Wirth, Empire scribe.

Tome Unlock: Travel to Altdorf and go into the Sigmarite Exchange (24,2k, 35,3k), next to the sausage vendor and you will find Wolfram Becker, click on him to gain a letter in your inventory take it to his wife Agatha Becker in Norland town of Grimmenhagen (27k, 53k), who is located near the main circle by a hut, talk to her and gain the unlock.

This tome unlock contributes to the Illiteracy pursuit.

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