Woebegone III

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Woebegone III

Order PvE Quest
Zone Nordland
Start Alrin Bitterstone
End Orgni Stouthammer
Previous Woebegone II


Woebegone III map
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"Well, I suppose that'd be the other reason Orgni isn't speaking to me ..."

"The day the Northmen attacked, some filthy Centigor made off with our stash of Bugman's XXXXXX!"

"You mean to tell me you've never had Bugman's Brew? Why, it's only the finest ale ever made by Dwarf hands, that's all! Even the smallest dram of Bugman's will drive a Dwarf to new feats of bravery in battle."

"It's too much to hope for, but if Orgni was to get some Bugman's, I'm sure he'd teach them Northmen a lesson or three about the business end of an axe!"

- Alrin Bitterstone

Woebegone III is a Tier 1 Order Quest that begins in Grimmenhagen, in southern Nordland.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

"Pour a little Bugman's into him and Orgni might just take care of that northman problem or yours all by himself."

- Alrin Bitterstone

Completion Text Edit

"You're persistant, I'll give you that! Now run along and leave me ... what's that you got there? Bugman's Brew?! Give it here, {name}!"

"Well put my hair in a topknot and call me an Elf! You fought the Centigor and recovered my stolen property? Maybe I had you lot figured wrong ..."

"What are we waiting on? We best get into the fray before all the best killin' is done!"

- Orgni Stouthammer

Rewards Edit

Career Equipment Edit

Equipment Rewards by Career
Ironbreaker Icon Rune Priest Icon
Engineer Icon Slayer Icon
Bright Wizard Icon Warrior Priest Icon WP Armor Body 001 Militia Cassock
Witch Hunter Icon Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon
Swordmaster Icon Archmage Icon
Shadow Warrior Icon White Lion Icon

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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