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Green Potion 001 Witching Draught
Use to unlock title.
Minimum Rank: 1
Use: This looks a little frightening! Charges Remaining: 5/5

Witching Draught is an exclusive reward available only during The Witching Night Live Event.

Source Edit

Witching Draught is a Basic Influence Reward, and is given to players by the Master Amethyst Wizard or the Raven Sorcerer for participating in the various activities that comprise The Witching Night Event.

Use Edit

When activated, Witching Draught cloaks a player in Ghostly Essence, rendering the semi-transparent. This effect is only visual in nature, and has no other impact on a character.

The Spooky 
The first time this item is used a character unlocks an exclusive Title: The Spooky.

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