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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Witch Hunter Icon
Witch Hunter ss

Screenshot showing a Witch Hunter.

Witch Hunter concept art

Witch Hunter concept art.

Empire rapier

Concept art showing an Imperial rapier.

The Witch Hunter is one of the most offense-oriented careers in WAR. They are melee fighters with ranged capabilities in the Empire's Order of the Griffon. Importantly, they can stealth for short periods of time, becoming invisible to enemy players. They wear only rudimentary armor and care little for defense or self-preservation, opting instead to focus exclusively on abilities that allow them to inflict damage or disability on their opponents. The Witch Hunter is paired with the Dark Elven Witch Elf.

Career overview Edit

"These poor, simple folk - too fearful or too dull-witted to see the vulgarity and evil in their own midst. They wail and complain about my... uncompromising methods, but who among you can say that hanging half a village is a high price to pay for the assurance that corruption has been exposed and destroyed this day?" - Ernst Traugott, Templar Witch Hunter

Witch Hunters are grim individuals from The Empire who have dedicated themselves to eradicating the forces of Chaos, either in the service of the state or the Church of Sigmar. Their dedication is such that they will travel far indeed if they think they can strike a meaningful blow against the forces of evil. Witch Hunters tend to be a surly and suspicious lot with no qualms about killing innocents, so long as they also manage to slay the guilty, which means their appearance is often regarded with dread by the common folk.

The official name for the body which controls and coordinates the activities of sanctioned Witch Hunters is the Holy Order of the Templars of Sigmar, also known as the Order of Sigmar. Accordingly, Witch Hunters refer to each other as Brother/Sister, as they are members of a Templar and Religious Order. The tall hat and dark cloak or coat is the distinctive garb of the Witch Hunter, almost like a uniform, although not all Witch Hunters choose to treat them as such. In addition to the hat and cloak, Witch Hunters often carry the symbol of the Twin-Tailed Comet as a sign of their membership in the Order (Chapter Houses, for example, have the Twin-Tailed Comet over their doors).

As instruments of their trade, Witch Hunters wield rapiers and pistols simultaneously. They also make use of knives, stakes, torches, holy water, chrisms, blessed ashes and other relics to further increase the suffering inflicted upon their foes. They are even able to anoint the weapons of their allies before a fight to dispatch their unholy enemies with even greater efficiency.

Specialty Edit

The Witch Hunter brings to the battlefield a system of combat developed in the unseen war between Order and Chaos that rages on in the shadows of Imperial society. To the Witch Hunter, accustomed to serving as "investigator, judge, and executioner" in quick, desperate combat in close quarters, combat and investigation are one and the same.

The Witch Hunter fights by throwing out Accusations "at swordpoint until they're satisfied of their enemy's guilt," at which point he brings the cleansing fire of a wheel-lock pistol to bear in an Execution of the condemned, causing egregious bodily harm. Given that they are but mortal men tasked with fighting the supernatural, the Witch Hunters have over time developed techniques for leveling the playing field between man and inhuman: Blessed Bullets are used to enhance their Executions with greater power and additional debilitating effects, and Holy Relics are used to enhance the Witch Hunter's own fighting ability for a limited time.

In game terms, the Witch Hunter uses a combo-point system, building up combo points through Accusation abilities and then using them through Execution abilities, which are more powerful the more Accusation points (up to 5) he has accumulated. In addition, Witch Hunters have a number of weapon buffs that can boost finishing moves and overall fighting ability.

Stealth. Key to the Witch Hunter is his ability to stealth for short periods of time (about 30 seconds or so). This is gained at level 10 with the Incognito ability. Thereafter, he gains other abilities that can only be triggered while stealthed, that do substantial amounts of damage to the target. This ability is commonly used to stealth past the front lines of tanks and surprise ranged spell casters.

Masteries Edit

Each mastery tree allows the Witch Hunter to focus his abilities according to play style and taste.

Path of ConfessionEdit

The Path of Confession is direct and uncompromising, and focused primarily on direct and immediate opposition to heresy. A specialist in Confession will eschew subtlety and lengthy investigations in favor of simply approaching his enemy and beating the truth out of him. While not necessarily the most powerful approach, it is effective in its straightforward brutality, and provides a small measure of increased protection when the Witch Hunter finds himself under direct attack.

Path of InquisitionEdit

The Path of Inquisition is focused on longer and detailed investigations, weakening and progressively working over an enemy until the victim's guilt is all but assured. A player with heavy Inquisition Mastery may appear less powerful at first glance, but the devastating effects of his attacks are felt more and more as the fight progresses.

Path of JudgmentEdit

The Path of Judgment is taken by Witch Hunters who are assured that their targets are guilty and no questioning is needed. They tend to take their suspects by surprise, and are at their best when the enemy's attention is elsewhere. A Master of Judgment will seek to avoid face-to-face confrontations, and will be at his most powerful when he has allies nearby that can distract his enemies, allowing the Witch Hunter to lay down very potent attacks.

Abilities Edit

The Witch Hunter has a total of 24 career Tactics, 36 Actions and 12 Morale abilities. For more details, see the main article: Witch Hunter Abilities

Influence Rewards Edit

For more details, see the main article: Witch Hunter Influence Rewards

Trivia Edit

The Witch Hunter is Jeff "The Hickman" Hickman's favorite career.

Never underestimate the hat. Nor the cloak, the flintlocks, the rapier, or the boots. But especially the hat.

"That's some Bad hat , Harry!"

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