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Name Description
Whirling Blades Your attacks which build Blood Lust will now have a 33% chance to build one additional Blood Lust.
Bathing in Blood Any time you kill an enemy, you will regain X HEALTH over X SECONDS.
Frenzied Mayhem Increases your chance to critically hit by X% for each Blood Lust point you have.
For the Hag Queen! Your Frenzies will now have a 10% chance per point spent to knock the enemy down for X SECONDS.
Exotic Venom Increases the durations of Vehement Blades, Enfeebling Strike, and Treacherous Assault by an additional 5 seconds.
Taste Of Blood Any time you take X DAMAGE, there is a 25% chance that you will cause X% more X DAMAGE for X SECONDS.
Swift Pursuit Fleet-Footed will now also increase your run speed by X%.
Sacrifices Rewarded Any time you are critically hit by an enemy, you will become protected by a barrier which will absorb up to X DAMAGE. This effect will not trigger more than once every 3 seconds.

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