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The Grand County of Wissenland is one of the ten provinces of the Empire. The capital of Wissenland is Wissenburg, though the largest city is Nuln. It is one of the smallest provinces, and lies in the extreme south of the Empire. It is bordered on two sides by mountains. The Grey Mountains mark the border against Bretonnia, while the Black Mountains marks the border against the Border Princes to the south. Much of what is now Wissenland was formerly part of the province of Solland. Nuln, a city-state along the River Reik, is technically independent from Wissenland, though it lies within the borders and is formally considered a part of Wissenland.

Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz is the ruler of both Nuln and Wissenland. She spends all her time in Nuln and cares little for the rest of the province. Recently she has has tried to make Nuln completely separate and independent from 'dreary' Wissenland. If she manages that she would retain Nuln and her electoral vote, whilst the province would be given to the Toppenheimer family.

The province of Wissenland lack the military funding of other provinces and city-states and its standing army makes heavy use of ambush and hit-and-run tactics. They field mounted archers and woodsmen above artillery and massed infantry. Slightly paradoxically, the province of Wissenland is also famous for their pikemen and Nuln contains the Imperial Gunnery School, one of the world's largest cannon foundries. The colours of the state regiments of Wissenland are grey and white.

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