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Winds of Chaos Portal

Portal into the Winds of Chaos

The Winds of Chaos are an Easter Egg zone/subzone hidden inside The Inevitable City. North of The Sacellum Arena; floating with the Fate's Edge series of rocks. By jumping from rock to rock and following a path players can make their way to a Chaos Portal overlooking the endless depths of the Fate's Edge. By Entering the Chaos Portal players are sent to one out of several random places. All known as the Winds of Chaos.

Places in the Winds of ChaosEdit

  • Cotswold
Cotswold is a town in the realm of Albion in the game Dark Age of Camelot developed by Mythic. Being the starting town for the realm of Albion and also being located right outside the realms capital city, Camelot, Cotswold was a major place of meeting and is therefore most certainly known by anyone who has played the game.
The white moon orbiting the World of Warhammer. Players are transported onto it where they may be able to look upon the Warhammer World from afar. You are on the lip of a large crater surrounded by large mountainous rocks.
  • The Island
A small island located in the seas of what seems to be the Ulthuan. Has the same kind of tree as The Blighted Isle and Chrace. there is a small grave like stone in the center, and a shovel in the ground.
  • Ice Cavern
A minor hall of ice in which you will find many frozen beings, including a High Elf Swordmaster, Bloodthirster, and Chaos hound.
  • The Mountain
Floating in the sky around the peak of a mountain are large ships from various races (at least one each from the Dark Elves, High Elves, Empire, Dwarfs and Chaos) and giant bird's nests. Be careful here, as you can fall to your death. You can either spawn on the side of a mountain, in what appears to be a wyvern nest, or in a floating dark elf ship.
  • The Village
As a giant in size you overlook the landscape of an Empire village. There is a tiny city that you can walk to as well, complete with a wall and gate.

The last four locations listed have little to no information available at this time. The names of these places are only fillers due to the lack of real information and should be interpreted as such.


Feel free to add more images of the locations in the Winds of Chaos.

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