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Widow Mortis

Tier 2 Order PvE Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Oathhold
Start Ralla Widmer
End Ralla Widmer

Quest Chain

Ralla Widmer

Plaque of the Falcon

Ralla Widmer

  • Widow Mortis III


Widow Mortis III map
(click to enlarge)

We've a grim business before us, {name}. The Dark Mistress is a terrible Banshee who has taken the lives of many a good Dwarf.

We'll need to silence that spirit before we can count ourselves safe.

- Ralla Widmer

Summary Edit

Search the marshes of Beardrot for the Dark Mistress, and lay her to rest.

Return to Ralla Widmer at Oathhold with proof you've defeated her.

Objectives Edit

  • Falcon's Crest 0/1

In Progress Edit

The Dark Mistress must be destroyed, {name}.

- Ralla Widmer

On Completion Edit

It seems her gods may have meted out too harsh a punishment. Look, she held fast to her Lord's crest even in death. Betrayal it was, but not of the heart.

Still, with the Widow gone to her rest, we'll all sleep soundly. Truly, that was an impressive feat, {name}. I doubt whether I could have felled that creature!

- Ralla Widmer

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 4234
  • You may select one of the following on completion:
Ironbreaker Icon Banshee's Ironmantle
Dark Mistress Ironmantle
Slayer Icon Banshee's Torc
Dark Mistress Torc
Engineer Icon Banshee's Sparkplate
Dark Mistress Sparkplate
Rune Priest Icon Banshee's Runemantle
Dark Mistress Runemantle
Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon Banshee's Espaliers
Dark Mistress Espaliers
Witch Hunter Icon Banshee's Bandolier
Dark Mistress Bandolier
Bright Wizard Icon Banshee's Illuminations
Dark Mistress Illuminations
Warrior Priest Icon Banshee's Mantle
Dark Mistress Mantle
Swordmaster Icon Banshee's Balancers
Dark Mistress Balancers
White Lion Icon Banshee's Mane
Dark Mistress Mane
Shadow Warrior Icon Banshee's Shadowmantle
Dark Mistress Shadowmantle
Archmage Icon Banshee's Highmantle
Dark Mistress Highmantle

External Links Edit

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