Wicked Things

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Wicked Things

Destruction {{{type}}} Quest
Zone Norsca
Start Vorque
End Vorque


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Overview Edit


You are wicked Chaos-thing! Think you are smart-smart like Vorque, I do. Yes, you smell-smell of warp.
Dead-things moved my sackbag. Bring to me my sackbag, and I give you glow things! Reward for aid of Vorque most agreeable, yes-yes?

Directions Edit

  • Return with it to Vorque inside the Thorshafn Crypt when finished.

Requirements Edit

Rewards Edit

445 experience points and Vorque's Green Dust.

Progression text Edit


Bring to me sackbag, and Vorque give you glow things!

Completion text Edit


There-there, I see it! You have my sackbag!
We like-like wicked Chaos-things!

Quest Progression Edit

  • Wicked Things

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