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Order & DestructionEdit

Kill Deathclaw Hydra (lvl 40 champ) at 10k, 37k Caledor.

Note: He wanders the road and surrounding area with two handlers.

Destruction Edit

  1. Follow the instructions below to get into Caledor (below).
  2. Go W following the road until you come to a tunnel.
  3. Go through the tunnel and head down the hill/road until you come to the (O) camp. (Watch out for a lvl 47 pat on the road.)
  4. Hug the outside wall of the (O) Ch22 camp and go to the back and jump down to the road, or jump down before the camp, but be careful.

To get into CaledorEdit

  1. Start in the Dragonwake warcamp.
  2. Enter the RvR area.
  3. SW of Covenant of Flame (and E of Pelgorath's Ember), go through the hills to the Order side.
  4. Go through the camp of DEs to the road and go west.
  5. Where the road hits its southernmost point, go SW onto an unmapped path that leads to the SW corner of the Dragonwake map. This road leads into Caledor.


  • Title : Hydra Tamer
  • XP: 204

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