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Who Is Up for Seconds is a Bestiary Unlock for the Troll species.

Unlock Edit

(O) Badlands: Complete a Specific Task
(D) Ostland: Perform a Specific Task

Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

You can get this pocket item two ways:

  1. Troll Country/Ostland RvR Lake (levels 21 and below) - kill Heathgut Trolls ( Ostland- Found around Mandreds Keep, and around 27k, 58k )
  2. Badlands - kill Mudbelly Trolls (2 locations : from 23k, 23k to 36k4, 34k4 or 11k, 20k)
Mudbelly Troll

They will both drop Troll's Dinner, which you then need to use, but the best spot is in Badlands. (I had a dinner for about 10 Trolls killed in Badlands, but it can be different for some)

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