White Tower of Hoeth

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The White Tower of Hoeth, also know as the White Tower of Saphery or simply as the White Tower, is a huge edifice of gleaming marble and white stone, inlaid with shining silver and gold and High Elf runes. The White Tower is in the Kingdom of Saphery in Ulthuan and soars hundreds of feet into the air, serving as the repository for all the arcane knowledge of the High Elves, and as a training ground for both the Mages and Archmages of the Asur and the Swordmasters of Hoeth.

The Tower was built at the command of the Phoenix King Bel-Korhandis the Scholar-King, himself from Saphery, whose remains are now buried in the foundations of the tower.

In the Age of Reckoning, House Uthorin and House Arkaneth or the Dark Elves are both striving to be the first to take the Tower from the High Elf defenders of the Shining Guard.

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