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Hidden scroll swordmaster

This is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary unlock for High Elf, Swordmaster.

Hidden Scroll TextEdit

Hidden Scroll says: I leave this message for all noble souls who would seek what I seek:

I have found the fabled tower of fair stone. It lies but a few miles away, breaking the horizon with its solitary stand, yet no matter how quick my strides or determined my will I cannot seem to close the distance.

If my quest is meant to end in this land, then it will end within the walls of that tower.

All the time the mists seems to watch me, and more than once I have glimpsed the sheen of a blade the length of a man glinting through the haze. I fear I may have my first encounter with the legendary Swordmasters, for whom a decade of martial training passes as an afternoon does for me.

In Her Name,

Sir Reynolds Ianeaux


Find Hidden Scroll at 40k, 6.2k Saphery. The scroll is in a dry fountain.


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