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Hidden scroll shadow warrior

This is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary unlock for High Elf, Shadow Warrior.

Hidden Scroll TextEdit

Hidden Scroll says: I leave this message for all noble souls who would seek what I seek:

While most of their brethren take the field in glorious raiment, often appearing as a rippling wave of silver on the fields of battle, these Shadow Warriors are a different breed. Sulking in he gloom as they do, they much more similar to brand of Elves with which I am more familiar – Elves that would hide in trees and take their foes in dusk and shadow.

No signs in many months. I worry that I have lost my Lady’s favour by coming to such a foreign land.

In Her Name,

Sir Reynolds Ianeaux


Find Hidden Scroll at 35.5, 54.5 The Shadowlands. The scroll is in the middle of some trees.


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