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This is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary unlock for High Elf, Archmage.
What do we have here archmage unlock

Hidden Scroll TextEdit

Hidden Scroll says: I leave this message for all noble souls who would seek what I seek:

Unlike the Swordmasters that hunted me in the mists, the sorcerers of the great tower have been patient with me. They assure me that what I seek is not held within. I can do little more then take their promises as face value, for I am too weary to contest them. Still, they have been kind to me and have offered to set me on the quickest path home. It is a tempting offer. This land of mists and lights vexes me.

In Her Name,

Sir Reynolds Ianeaux


Find Hidden Scroll at 16k, 10k Saphery by the western end of the Well of Qhyash, behind a rock and a bush.


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