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This is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary unlock for Goblin, Shaman.
What do we have here shaman unlock

Hidden Scroll TextEdit

I'm afraid the rumors of the Greenskin's item of power are sadly mistaken. The information I recieved from the Dwarfs stationed in these marshes seems to have been mistranslated. I cannot fault our bearded allies, for I have yet to meet a civilized soul that easily understands the weaseled tones of a Goblin. It seems that when they spoke of "drinking in the power" they were speaking of the common practice of their shamans of consuming raw mushrooms in stinking brews.

I ride north in the morning to investigate the stories of the legendary drinking mugs of the Kings of Barack Varr.

In Her name, Sir Reynolds Ianeaux


Find a Hidden Scroll in Marshes of Madness at 29k, 29.5k. This is northwest of the Fangbreaka Swamp keep on a patch of land on the far side of the moat. The scroll is on top of a rubbish pile; it is difficult to pick out from the surrounding texture.


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