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Hidden scroll dok

This is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary unlock for Dark Elf, Disciple of Khaine.

Hidden Scroll TextEdit

Hidden Scroll says: I leave this message for all noble souls who would seek what I seek:

Again I am mistaken. I have been blind to the forest for the trees. I have been on my quest for so long that every cup I come across gains enchanted significance. From tavern mug to blood-dripping chalice. I have been showed a fool at every turn. The depraved Disciples have been only my latest failure. Tonight I will pray for Her illumination, so that in the morning my path might be clear and my mind cleansed of its folly.

In Her Name,

Sir Reynolds Ianeaux


Find a Hidden Scroll in Ellyrion at 36k, 32k. The scroll is near the waterfall between the stones. It's on the side with the range pad in a pile of pink flowers. [RVR zone]


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