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Hidden scroll zealot
This is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary unlock for Chaos, Zealot.

Hidden Scroll TextEdit

Hidden Scroll says: I leave this message for all noble souls who would seek what I seek:

I had only just arrived when the shadows of the forest decended upon the village. At first I thought them the Beastmen that so often raid these bleak provinces. Yet slavering and bestial though they were, they were but men. At their head was a man of force and madness, a sinewy brute roaring prophecy and covered in the Raven god's trappings.

We slew all save their terrible leader. Afterwards the bodies where piled high for the pyre. I learned the terrible truth. The men we fought were traitors from the village itself drawn away only nights before by whispers of glory and maddening dreams. It would be only a few fevered nights before more men caught by the Zealot's dark delirium would again try to raze their own families and raze their village to the ground.

In Her Name,

Sir Reynolds Ianeaux


Find a Hidden Scroll in Norsca at 41.96k, 63.05k. The scroll is behind a burned house up on a cliff bordering RvR lake.


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