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Nordland Gravestone

What Lay Ahead is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary unlock for the Skeleton.

Unlock Details Edit

Order Edit

  • Zone: Nordland
  • Coordinates: 19600, 39600
  • Find and interact with a Gravestone in the Grimmenhagen Barrows graveyard, left of the crypt entrance. Order players can also obtain this unlock by utilizing the Destruction method detailed below, though doing so is significantly more difficult.

Destruction Edit

  • Zone: Norsca
  • Coordinates: 32350 x 6470
  • Locate and interact with a Gravestone in the graveyard near the beginning spawn point. It is found in the northeast corner of region, before one enters the crypt area. Destruction players can also achieve this unlock by utilizing the Order method described above.

Rewards Edit

  • Title: The Skeleton Hunter
  • Xp: 336

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