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Destruction PQ

Zone: Ostland; Chapter: 6

Stage DescriptionsEdit

  • Stage 1: Kill 50 Felde Refugees
  • Stage 2: Kill 2 Doom Prophets. These Mobs are champions, while not hard for a full group the support classes need to keep an eye on heals and buffs more than just attacking. Due to the size of the camp it is easy to draw aggro from standard mobs and is essential the ranged and support classes keep their distance or the tanks and DPS players will get overwhelmed.
  • Stage 3: Kill Oswald Striker Level 13 Hero. He took a lot of taking down, and again attracted lots of aggro from the standard mobs. As with stage 2, be careful about aggro and try to refrain from AoE attacks unless you are already getting whelmed.

Some very quick XP to be made due to the high density of the mobs and a small camp. Maybe a good grind for a group with all level 14-17 players to ensure quick take downs with high spawn rate.

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