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The life of a soldier can be harsh and glorious by turns. For those green troops who have just joined the Order of the Griffon, their first season may well be their last. It is a well known and broadly accepted fact that the majority of new soldiers serve as cannon- and arrow-fodder for the enemy. Only the exceptionally talented (not to mention lucky) can hope to emerge from their first few engagements unscathed.

Tome Unlock: Obtain Fresh Water by interacting with the well bucket next to the well outside the Grey Lady Coaching Inn, and deliver the water to the Wounded Griffin soldier along the side of the road just south of town, across from the cave.

This tome unlock contributes to the Mission of Mercy pursuit.

- Difficult to complete as destro due to the 55 champs but not impossible.Here's how to do it: Approach the chapter from the west side aprroximately at 17,8k 26,5k. There will be a guard to your left that stands behind a tree, make sure you put the tree between him and you so he doesn't have line of sight. Stay in the middle of the road and head straight towards the well. There will be another static guard to your right make sure you don't get too close. Watch out for the wondering 55 champ, if you see him coming towards you just wait for him to go away. 10/09/11

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