Warrior of Tzeentch

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Warrior of Tzeentch
Creature Info
Type Unknown
Sub-Type Unknown
Variants: Unknown
Level range: Unknown

A Warrior of Tzeentch is a Chaos Warrior who has been marked by the Great Schemer, Tzeentch.


A Chaos God must choose his champions with care for their success or failure influences the god's power. Tzeentch inclines towards chosing mortals who use intelligence to control the world, especially to wizards and magical creatures, favouring the cunning over the strong, the manipulative over the violent, but the gods are whimsical in their favours.

When a mortal catches Tzeentch's eye, he may be marked and turned into a Warrior of Tzeentch. Such individuals are more frequently gifted with rewards, especially in the case of Tzeentch, who is fond of bestowing his followers with all sorts of mutations. A Warrior of Tzeentch is often invested with the gift of magic, turing him into a potent spellcaster as well as a might warrior.

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