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Warrior Priest
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Warrior Priests have three different options of acting in RvR that differ a lot in playstyle and effectiveness.

Casting HealerEdit

As a casting Healer, a Warrior Priest will keep away from the frontlines, keeping HoTs on the most likely allies to be targeted by the enemy. Whenever needed, the Warrior Priest will use his fast castable group heal, to stabilise the group.

If someone get's unter focus fire, using Divine Mend and spamming group heals afterwards stabilises the target long enough for another healer to pick up the job and keep the target alive.

Depending on the enemy, using the taktik-based group-cleanse can be the most important ability in a healers rotation, preventing thousands of damage from DoT Effects, Healdebuffs or other debuffing abilities.

This is the most effective spec among all order heal classes at the moment(Patch 1.4.6).

Damage dealing supporterEdit

Warrior Priests specced as damage dealers bring some support to their group. For one, they do have an initiative-debuff(Castigation), that allows anyone attacking that target to crit more often.

Additionally, Hammer of Sigmar is a good finishing ability, making sure that enemy healers have greater trouble of keeping a target alive, just because of the amount of damage it can deal.

The self-heal of Divine Assault makes him also relatively tanky and the warrior priest can help keeping a target alive with it, making sure the two healers have a minor bit less pressure.

The most important thing here is target selecting, since a melee warrior priest lacks the burst to kill someone alone. Assisting either a tank or a dps is therefore a good idea, especially, when they can provide a better healdebuff.

It is also a good idea to get a guarding tank, since this spec effectively acts as a melee dps, with increased vulnerabilities to crowd controle and ranged enemies.

Melee healerEdit

A melee Healer combines the jobs of both other options, making the priest less powerful in both cases, but resulting in something, that is considered more fun and challenging by those who dare to try it.

Despite the name melee healers heal by doing damage, making cast-heals relatively weak. Due to a higher gain in Righerous Fury then what they'll use at the same time, keeping the 15 second hot on the action bar is recommend.

Healing is mostly done by spamming Sigmar's Radience on targets, after making sure all avaible buffs and debuffs are active.

This is combined with single-target heals with the hot and Divine Assault, whenever someone out of group is argeted or a single persons is focussed.

Cleansing, even without the group-cleanse tactic, is still a major part of a melee-healers job, even more important then for a casting healer. Leaving a casting healer cleanse, takes more effective healing from the group, since the melee-healer usually has a way lower heal-output.

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