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Following is a "living list" of gear that can be acquired by Warrior Priests using one of three different methods:

Influence RewardsEdit

These are achieved by earning influence within individual chapters, which is accomplished by completing stage objectives in the various PQs scattered throughout every chapter. Because these rewards are relatively easy to acquire, they are frequently considered to be the "baseline gear" of the chapter. In other words: don't leave the chapter without them or something better.

Empire Influence RewardsEdit

The following items may be chosen as influence rewards within chapters in Empire lands:

(list is coming)

PQ Completion RewardsEdit

Completing a PQ (by being present when the final stage objectives are met) will present a chest of loot that you may be eligible to receive a piece of. Eligibility is determined by a number of factors which are better explain in the PQ article. Receiving a loot bag as a reward from the PQ will give you the chance to select a career-specific item as reward for your participation in the PQ.

Empire PQ RewardsEdit

The following items may be chosen as rewards for completing PQs within chapters in Empire lands:

Chapter 1 - The Raven Host Vanguard
Grubstake Fists
Requires Rank 3
32 Armor
+6 Willpower

Chapter 2 - The Burning Windmill
Simple Ring of Toughness
Requires Rank 5
+5 Toughness
+8 Elemental Resistance
+12 Corporeal Resistance

Chapter 2 - Ruins of Schloss von Rubendorf
Simple Ring of Warding
Requires Rank 5
+5 Willpower
+8 Spiritual Resistance
+12 Elemental Resistance

Chapter 3 - ??Pillager's ??
Cast Hammer of Finesse
Requires Rank 7
12.4 dps, 2.8 spd
+14 weapon skill

Chapter 4 - Ulfenwyr
Accursed Spatterguards
Requires Rank 9
80 Armor
+14 Willpower

Renown Gear RewardsEdit


Renown rewards, unlike the previous two categories, are not race-specific. Once you have sufficient renown rank and career rank to purchase and use the items, you can purchase the same items from any appropriate Renown Gear Merchant, no matter which lands you are in.

(list is coming)

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