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The Warrior Priests of Sigmar are an intimidating sight to behold on the field of battle, clad in robes of their order. Heavily padded to ward against enemy blows, and often accompanied by solid plates covering joints and other sensitive areas of the body, The armor provides more than adequate protection for those who wear it in the thick of combat.

Item Table Edit

Item Name
Temp Gloves Dowered Fists Common 32 3 Quest
WP Armor Gloves 001 Fists of the Patroller Common 32 4 Influence
WP Armor Gloves 001 Granthers Fists Common 8 1 Quest
WP Armor Gloves 001 Grubstake Fists Uncommon 32 3 Public Quest
WP Armor Gloves 001 Recruiter's Fists Common 16 2 Influence
WP Armor Gloves 001 Vandish Fists Rare 40 5 Public Quest

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