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Warhammer Notice


Dear Hammerwiki contributor and viewers, it is with great pleasure that I like to announce that our staff from our sister site of Warhammer Wiki has agreed to aid this fellow Warhammer site by helping to merge our content with theirs. In the process, we'd hope that by combining our two communities, we can better help aid and improve our knowledge of the Warhammer universe for all to see and read. Rest assured that the majority of the content written and made in this wiki will be transfered to our sister site Warhammer wiki, and will be kept intact or improved upon by our dedicated team of contributors. If there is anything you'd wish to talk about concerning this merge, please message me at my message wall. Thank you and have a nice day!

--Grey Knight Dante (talk) 02:28, April 19, 2017 (UTC)


Realms, Armies & Careers
The sides, the races and the classes

Realms Armies Careers

Order banner concept


Icon Dwarves Dwarfs Ironbreaker Icon Slayer Icon Engineer Icon Rune Priest Icon
Icon Empire Empire Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon Witch Hunter Icon Bright Wizard Icon Warrior Priest Icon
Icon High Elves High Elves Swordmaster Icon White Lion Icon Shadow Warrior Icon Archmage Icon

Destruction banner concept


Icon Greenskins Greenskins Black Orc Icon Choppa Icon Squig Herder Icon Shaman Icon
Icon Chaos Chaos Chosen Icon Marauder Icon Magus Icon Zealot Icon
Icon Dark Elves Dark Elves Black Guard Icon Witch Elf Icon Sorcerer Icon Disciple of Khaine Icon

Realm versus Realm
The battle between the forces of Order and Destruction

The path to victory and defeat for the realms.

Tiers & Career Ranks

Zone Objective

Tier 1


  • Capture 3 Objectives in Empire Pairing
  • Capture 4 Objectives in Other Pairings

Tier 2


  • Capture Objectives (Max 4)
  • Rank Up Keep to 3 or 4
  • Collect Cannon or Ram
  • Destroy Inner Enemy Keep Door
  • Capture Keep

Tier 3


  • Capture Objectives (Max 4)
  • Rank Up Keep to 3 or 4
  • Collect Cannon or Ram
  • Destroy Outer Enemy Keep Door
  • Destroy Inner Enemy Keep Door
  • Capture Keep

Tier 4


  • Each Pairing has 3 Zones
  • 1 Zone at a time is Contested
  • Capturing a zone is the same as Tier 3
  • Capture all 3 Zones to capture a Pairing
  • Capture 2 Pairings
  • Assault Enemy City

Instanced battlegrounds to fight the enemy over an objective.

Bracket Career Ranks Renown Ranks Scenarios
1 1 - 15 NA
2 16 - 40 0 - 69
3 35 - 40 70 - 100
Full list of Scenarios

Player versus Environment
The other struggles in the world.

PvE Tiers and Career Ranks
Tier 1 1-11
Tier 2 12-21
Tier 3 22-31
Tier 4 32-40

Game Basics


Read more Lore articles.

Help Pages

Find out more about helping out.

Announcement Current Game Version
Version 1.4.8

Released 3rd December, 2012
Other Updates

LiveEvents Current Live Event
Daemonic Gifts of Khorne
No End Date

Other Live Events


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