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Warbragh SS


Rank 40 Hero Mob
Type Monsters
Subtype Chaos Breeds
Species Dragon Ogre
Zone The Maw
Subzone The Apex

PC Reactions

Order Hostile
Destruction Hostile

Warbragh is one of Migliod's creatures. It is summoned to Migliod's Menagerie by blowing a Rider's Horn.

Known AbilitiesEdit

  • Attack: ~3100 damage
  • Armor Penetration: ~50%
  • Ground Tremble: An AOE disable with a duration of 4 seconds. You cannot hold aggro while disabled by this, but he will return to you if you have highest threat when the duration is over.
  • Overhead Slash: ~2150 damage.

Confirmed DropsEdit

Drops 1-3 Rank 39 Rare BOE Jewelry per kill.



  • Warbragh's Inquisition Brooch
  • Warbragh's Shadowed Amulet

External Links Edit

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