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War Boar
Orc mount concept
Mount Info
Races: Orc

Requires: LV 20

Cost: 15 gold

((Other Info:) (unknown))

Orc characters will ride sturdy War Boars.

The especially large and aggressive boars found in the Badlands are often trained by Orcs to be ridden. In large battles involving greenskins, units of specialist War Boar-mounted Orc cavalry known as Boar Boyz can often be seen.

Most Orc settlements have secure pens where they keep their boars. The boars themselves are evil-minded creatures that take every opportunity to maim, bite and kick their masters, but this doesn't really concern the Orcs who are on the whole sensible enough to keep well clear, preferring to leave the job of feeding and caring for these creatures to Goblins and Snotlings.

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