Waging War

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Waging War

Tier 2 Order RvR Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Thurarikson's Warcamp
Start Kaya Shieldbearer
End Kaya Shieldbearer

Quest Chain

Kaya Shieldbearer


Waging War map 001

Waging War map 002
(click to enlarge)

The field of battle is startin' to come into focus now. We still have a few areas to scout though.

I'd wager you noticed the nearby strongholds when you were scoutin' the objectives. Odds are those gibberin' greenskins have taken an interest in 'em as well.

Scout out those keeps. When you return, we can start plannin' fer the battle.

- Kaya Shieldbearer

Summary Edit

Survey the two keeps in Barak Varr and the Marshes of Madness.

Afterwards, return to Kaya Shieldbearer.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

You must hurry. I know many a dwarf that has a score to settle with those bleedin' greenskins.

- Kaya Shieldbearer

On Completion Edit

Aye, this looks promisin'. There looks to be some exploitable positions at our disposal. If we strike fast we should be able to push those fools and their allies from our lands.

- Kaya Shieldbearer

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2056
  • 6 Silver Coin 53 Copper Coin

External Links Edit

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