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Vorag Bloodytooth, the first Ghoul King, was a Strigoi Vampire who fled from the city Mourkain after he had been banished for rebelling against Ushoran. After being banished he feld to Crookback Mountain. There he drove out the Skaven who had made a home there.  He met W'soran and rebuilt his strength.  Other disenfranchised vampires who joined him in his rebellion.  W'soren aided Vorag with thousands of undead who slaughtered the rats unceasingly.  After takeing the mountain W'soran continued his expirements and provided  armies for Vorag while his undead creations mined valubale minerals to fuel the forges.  Every battle he fought worsened his degeneration and eventually he abandoned his kingdom.

Vorag traveled to the Desolation of Nagash, where he united the scattered tribes of Ghouls in -600 IC. He led his army against the Red Cloud Goblins and almost overran them. The captured Goblins were enslaved and forced to build the "Fortress of Vorag" to the east of the Plain of Bones.

The Grey Hag Goblin tribe was his next victim. They were driven back into their mountain lair but, while besieged, a bolt from a Goblin bolt thrower struck Vorag and he was left for dead. Leaderless, the Ghouls scattered and returned to Nagashizzar and the Desolation of Nagash, the Fortress was left to ruin.

One Thousand years later, in 400 IC, Vorag is seen once more in the forests of Sylvania where he was pursuit by Franz von Carstien and killed the von Carstien vampire in single combat after which he drank his blood. In Ghoul Wood he then gathered an army of Ghouls and took south in the hope to restore the Kingdom of Strigos. His army of Ghouls, strengthened by Undead minions carved a bloody path through the Black Mountains, the Border Princes and the Greenskin tribes in the Badlands, but many more Greenskin descended from the Worlds Edge Mountains to attack him. His fate is unknown, but legends say that he reached Mourkain and now rules its ruins.

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