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The von Dark family was a noble lineage, who ruled in the Empire province of Sylvania as counts before the von Carstein took that position. Sylvania was a cursed, impoverished province even before the von Carstein reign, and the nobles of other places didn't want anything to do with their rulers, the von Drak. The von Drak's isolation and intra-marriage led to a degeneration of their family. Thin-blooded, decadent and lazy, half-hearted in the pursuit of their fuedal duties, congenital idiots and insane, corrupt nobles fighting each other as bandits and ineffectual cowards, they led Sylvania dilapidate. They, as one of the only noble houses in the Empire, did not have at least one member in the crusades against Araby. The last, and most famous of their line who ruled as Count over Sylvania, was Otto von Drak, who married his daughter to the outsider and vampire Vlad von Carstein, condamning his province to be forever remembered for its Undead

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