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Vaul is the Elven god of smithing and metallurgy. He is often shown chained to his anvil, blind and crippled from his fight against Khaine in the days before the creation of the world.

As the legend goes, there was a time when Khaine was holding Isha and Kurnous captive, and Vaul secured their release by promising the War God one hundred swords of his own making. When the time came to complete the bargain Vaul had finished only ninety nine blades, but made up the shortfall with an ordinary blade slipped in amongst the others. In this way he was able to deceive Khaine for long enough to free the captive god and goddess. This was the beginning of the long struggle between Khaine and Vaul which is called the War in Heaven. To fight against Khaine, Vaul forged the final blade - the sword that he had originally failed to finish as part of his bargain - which he made the mightiest sword of all, and which he named Anaris. Even with this sword, Vaul was no match for the War God and after a long struggle he was eventually overpowered. Khaine then chained the crippled Vaul to his own anvil with chains of iron, thus ending the War in Heaven.

Occasionally Vaul may be portrayed as a noble High Elf smith carrying a hammer. Vaul's symbols are the hammer and anvil, although he is the patron god of all craftsmen throughout Elven society. Vaul is worshipped by High Elf armourers and weaponsmiths, and the centre of his worship is the place known as Vaul's Anvil in the kingdom of Caledor in Ulthuan where the mightiest weapons are forged and where the most indomitable armours are fashioned.

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