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Varghulfs are mutated wolf-bat creatures, the personification of a Vampire's inner beast. Vampires who give into their darker side become these bloodthirsty creatures, who feed on the blood of humans and the living again and again.


Something changes when one becomes a Vampire; inside them lurks a beast driven to feed on the blood of the living again and again. Many Vampires consider it a curse, something that must be kept in check, an unavoidable price for their powers. These vampires maintain the pretences of mortal existence, moving among the living without revealing their true nature. However not all Vampires care for the trappings of life or seek to control the creature inside. There are a few Vampires who embrace their thirst, allowing the bestial predator within to take over.

These vampires transform into the Varghulfs, blood-crazed mutant killers that exist only to wreak destruction and feed on the blood of the living. Varghulfs are like starved wolves or bears, runnig rampant and murdering whole villages, yet never satisfying their thirst. They slaughter without mercy, luxuriating in bloody carnage. As well as devouring the living, a Varghulf will exhume graves and feed upon the bodies of the dead. Other Vampires consider them repulsive scavengers, and in this they are similar to the Strigoi though nonetheless desirable and deadly fighters despite their uncivilized behavior.

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