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The Vampire Tower deep in the Marshes of Madness is an ancient Mourkain structure that is home to the Vampire Lord Neborhest and his undead minions, including the resurrected Orc Warboss Dork Redeye. The tower will be a public quest location, with players fighting their way through the tower culminating in a fight against the Vampire Lord boss in the highest room.


The conflict between the Dwarfs and Greenskins has spread to nearly every corner of the Marshes of Madness, but there is one place that neither side will venture near. Rising from a dense bank of perpetual fog, a tower of pure jet erupts from the sodden earth. It exudes the menace of concentrated evil, and many of the myriad creatures which dwell in the swamp will not go near it. As a result, the black tower occupies a rare pocket of silence amid the cacophony of chirping frogs and buzzing insects.

The tower is home to the Dwarf Chapter 9 Public Quest, The Tower of Neborhest. In general, once you've cleared Stage I, you will enter the tower and work your way up and around, fighting 1 hero and his named on each level, until you hit Lord Neborhest at the top.


Stage I is to collect 50 grudges from the dead dwarves and slay 75 soulless feeders.
Stage II is to destroy the pillar and defeat the named mob Mattias Von Jaeger, an undead human.
Stage III is to destroy the pillar and defeat Norrisson, an undead dwarf.
Stage IV is to destroy the pillar and defeat the level 19 hero Dork Redeye, an undead orc.
Stage V is to kill the level 21 lord, Neborhest

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