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Creature Info
Type Undead
Sub-Type Greater Undead
Variants: Unknown
Level range: Unknown
Lord Neborhest concept

Vampires are powerful supernatural beings who have for a price gained immortality, they are amongst the most powerful of all Undead, and often have control of other undead creatures. Most vampires are notoriously vulnerable to sunlight, Magic and divine power, which -unlike more mundane weapons- have the power to kill them outright. However holy water and garlic seem to have no effect on them, contrary to what many human peasants might believe. The vampires originated in the ancient kingdom of Nehekhara when the Queen Neferata desired immortality, inspired by the works of Nagash the great necromancer. She kidnapped a Dark Elf sorceress and tortured her for the elixir of life, inadvertently becoming the first vampire.


Most Vampires appear as ageless, well-formed humans with pale skin, long canine teeth, and glowing eyes. It is almost unheard of for a vampire to be of any race other than human, partly because other races may be resistant to the magic that creates a vampire, and partly because some other races are so long lived they do not desire immortality like short lived humans do. Vampires are notorious for their urge to drink the blood of the living, which most must do regularly if they are to maintain their undead existence. They must learn, however, to balance their need to drink blood and feast upon the living or risk losing their personality and their sanity. If a Vampire gives in completely to his or her urges, they become a Varghulf, a monstrous killing machine that exists only to feed. Despite the common perception, Vampires can operate in sunlight, although their powers are significantly reduced. Though mere symbols such as the cross or hammer do not bother them, significant faith in a deity can serve as a measure of protection against Vampires. This is especially true of those who follow Sigmar. Although the more powerful vampires are proficient magic users, all vampires are formidable in combat.

The Origin of the Vampires and the bloodlinesEdit

In -1968, Nagash learned Dark Magic from a group of Dark Elves driven off-course by a storm and forced to dock in Zandri. He proves more than an apt pupil and eventually kills his tutors. Along with the magics of the ancient Nehekaran Mortuary Cult, Nagash founded the basis of Necromancy. In his quest for immortallity, Nagash took to unspeakable experiments and met with succes. He distilled an elixir from human blood that would prolong the lifespan of its drinker but would not, however, keep his body from aging. Nagash usurped his brother and seized the throne of Khemri. Eventually, however, after reigning for hundreds of years and little more than a spirit, Nagash was driven from Nehekhara by the combined armies of the land, thought to be dead. His life-work, nine massive tomes known as the "Nine Books of Nagash" and "Liber Mortis", containing all he had learned, was left behind. Neferata, Queen of Lahmia since her husband, or brother, Lahmizzash, seated the throne of Khemri and Lahmizzash's father, Prince Lahmizzar of Lahmia, had died in the war against Nagash, took one of the nine books; thinking to use the knowledge it contained to undo the evil Nagash had unleashed. However, the book, saturated in dark energy, corrupted her over time. She, seeking to go beyond where Nagash had failed, kidnapped a dark elf sorceress and tortured her for the secret to immortality, the elixir of life. Upon recieving the elixir she, though immortal and able to retain her youth, thirsted for the warm blood of humans. She chose certain persons, of stature and power to recieve this gift. Among the eleven so blessed were Ushoran, her brother, and Wsoran, her High Priest. Those that did not take it willingly were tricked into it, namely leader of the military guard, Abhorash who having been invited to a dinner was tricked into drinking the elixir and, after trying for many day to abide, went on a killing spree in a blind rage and upon the dawn of the next day realised what he had done and vowed never to kill an innocent human again, he led the other vampires to abide by this, they would only prey upon criminals and homeless, but many of the vampires thought themselves above such laws. Obviously the crime rates became incredibly low and eventually, the vampires took to devouring nomad tribes, travellers and Gypsies due to there being so little crime.

As time passed, the first vampires learned more of their powers and they physically altered to suit their way of life, the first vampires also due to the powers of the elixir did not have the blood thirst of lesser vampires. They also found that the gift of eternity could be passed with their own blood -the creation of a lesser Vampire by what is called the Blood Kiss. The blood kiss is what causes the lust for human blood, there are a few ways to remove this lust, among them drinking the blood of a dragon and to a lesser amount, sorcery can stop it. A whole host of vampires was created and stalked the people of Lahmia who had started to worship the creatures of the Deathless Court and their Eternal Queen.

In -1200, Lahmia was invaded by King Alcadizaar who had united all the Priest Kings of Nehakhara behind him. There are three different reasons alluded to for the start of this war: one is the heretic and dangerous Nagasite cult that had developed in Lahmia, an other is the vampires had preyed upon inhabitants of neighbouring kingdoms, a third is that Nagash was rumoured to be alive and the nobles of Lahmia contemplated of joining him in his war-to-be against Nehekhara. Simultaneously, the people of Lahmia were roused against their rulers. Alcadizaar fought for a month with Abhorash, slowly closing in to the city of Lahmia and eventually led an army to sack the Temple of Blood, the centre of the vampire cult. Abhorash led the defences, and none could stand against the unliving warrior. Wsoran rose the slain and created an army of Undead to counter King Alcadizaar's army. For a full week, the war raged on, but eventually the temple was put to the torch, killing most of the Vampires. Only the strongest and oldest Vampires escaped, seven of the first line. Other sources say that the vampires, in particullary Neferata and her sisterhood, had already fled and Lahmia was already sacked by the time Alcadizaar arrived.

Abhorash went northwards with four companions, slaying all who crossed their paths, and originated the Blood Dragon bloodline. Neferata, Wsoran and Ushoran together with two other vampires of the first line fled to Nagashizzar to meet Nagash.

In -1163 IC Nagash unleashed his undead force on Nehekhara, the vampires that had fled to him leading the army. They are, however, defeated by King Alcadizaar and retreat to Nagashizzar. The Vampires blamed each other for the defeat and they fought the whole night. Ushoran wanted to rebel against Nagash, Neferata to ally with him and conquer Lahmia, Wsoran thought of hiding. Coming the day, they fled for the sun, the argument unsettled. It could also be that the vampires fled before the fury of Nagash, enraged as he was by the incompetence of his vampires.

Neferata went northwards to settle in the Dwarf stronghold, the Silver Pinnacle and founded the Lahmian bloodline. Ushoran ended up in the city Mourkain in the Kingdom of Strigoi and originated the Strigoi bloodline. Another travelled to the Chaos Wastes, and one to the distant land of Cathay. Wsoran was the only one to remain at the side of Nagash

In the second assault launched by Nagash against Nehekhara, Wsoran earned his stripes and was in return granted a glance in one of Nagash's books. After Nagash's assassination by King Alcadizaar, Wsoran fled with this book north and blessing Nagash's most intelligent priest with a blood kiss, founded the Necrarch bloodline.


There are six distinct types of vampire known as Bloodlines, each descending from one of the surviving Nehekharan "first vampires" created by Neferata over 3000 years ago. Each bloodline possesses different powers and characteristics, though many of these seem to degenerate with the "generation" of vampire. The generation refers to the vampire practice of making a "get" (another vampire) and how many places the get is from one of the original seven vampires. So if Ushoran made Kadon a vampire, then Kadon would be a second generation vampire, ie slightly less powerful, and any get of Kadon would be a third generation vampire and slightly less powerful still. The vampire bloodlines are as follows:

Von CarsteinsEdit

Generations of Von Carstein vampires have ruled the lands of Sylvania, a cursed stretch of land on the eastern fringes of the Empire. They have clashed many times with the rulers of the Empire, and although they are not the only bloodline of vampires, they are the most well known to citizens of the Empire, and it is vampires such as the Von Carsteins who commonly appear in folk tales and myths. They are seen as having a close affinity with creatures of the night such as Wolves and Giant Bats. The Von Carsteins are famous for possessing a ring which allows them to regenerate wounds which would kill another vampire.

The three most famous Von Carsteins are Vlad, who came extremely close to defeating the Empire but was killed at the siege of Altdorf, his wife Isabella committing suicide after the event and Mannfred, who stole the ring from Vlad, allowing him to be killed, but who was defeated at the battle of Hel Fenn. There was also Konrad, a ruthless and insane count who nearly caused the extinction of the bloodline. The Von Carsteins are the stereotypical vampires and the Von Carstein bloodline have powers involving wolves, including being able to summon them or transform into them. The traditional seat of power for Von Carsteins is the infamous Drakenhof castle, which now lies in ruins.

Blood DragonsEdit

Blood Dragons are fallen knights, frequently from the realm of Bretonnia. They are portrayed as souls in suffering, neither good nor evil. Out of all the vampiric bloodlines, the Blood Dragons are the most skilled at hand to hand combat and are the most militaristic, the Blood dragon bloodline is expanded when a Blood dragon finds an opponent skillful in combat or tactics. The downside of this militarism is that their spellcasting abilities are not as powerful as the other families. The Blood Dragon progenitor is Abhorash who famously defeated the vampiric curse by drinking the blood of a dragon releasing himself from the blood lust, after conquering the dragon he told his brothers to go out and hone their combat skills until they are strong enough to defeat a dragon. His favourite, Walach Harkon, defeated an entire order of knights of the Ordo Draconis in The Empire, making those who fought well into vampires and killing the rest. Harkon and his brother knights were eventually repulsed after a three-year siege of their keep.


This bloodline is mostly female, descended from Neferata the original vampire queen of the city of Lahmia in Nehekhara. They emphasise the hypnotic beauty and seductive nature of vampires and many of their bloodline powers centre around enchantments and compulsions, giving them the ability to influence those they wish to manipulate to their own ends. Neferata famously defeated Queen Khalida Neferher of Lybaras in a duel to the death and intended to infect her vampirism, but the Nehekharan Asp Goddess saved Khalida, filling her veins with poison. Khalida now fights for the Tomb Kings while Neferata dwells high in the World's Edge Mountains at the Silver Pinnacle. Here she sends out her minions to seize important positions in the land of men thus creating a influential network for her intrigues.


Necrarch vampires, the rarest of all bloodlines, appear monstrous and wizened, with gaunt features and grey, dry skin. They are relatively weak in combat but have much greater magical potential than the other vampire bloodlines and suffer the blood lust less than other families. They are described as solitary researchers, working on ever more terrible spells as they live out their undying centuries. Their ultimate goal is to turn all life into death. In WAR, Lord Neborhest in the Vampire Tower, Marshes of Madness; is a Necrarch vampire. Wsoran was the progenitor of the Necrarchs. When the city of Lahmia fell, it's great libraries, filled with arcane knowledge both mundane and necromantic were burnt to the ground. W'soran, a great scholar, was dismayed. He and his surviving get of vampires fled to the far-flung corners of the world where they would be left in peace and built tall towers and keeps to study the necromantic arts.


In appearance the Strigoi are even more monstrous than the Necrachs and are huge and heavily built. They are descended from Ushoran, the Lord of Masks, Nagash's lieutenant, who helped Kadon build the ancient empire of Strigos around the city of Mourkain in the Badlands. After the destruction of Mourkain at the hands of Greenskins, the surviving Strigoi vampires were driven from their homelands into the Old World by the other vampires in retribution for Ushoran abandoning them, where they were persecuted by humans and by vampires of the other bloodlines. They are half-mad and barely intelligent, but in terms of strength and bestial fury there are few creatures in the world to match them. This is due to their origins in Khemri.

When the great city was destroyed, Ushoran fled with a host of followers. They travelled the desert for years being shunned by the other vampire families, they sat outside the castles and keeps of the Von Carstein and Lahmians and watched the lords and ladies feast, growing jealous of the Von Carsteins and Lahmians with their opulence. The Necrach bloodline considered the strigoi as an interesting scientific subject and experimented upon them. The Blood Dragons consider the Strigoi as an interesting prey to hunt and dispatch. As such their appearance and temperament became more and more animalistic and bestial. Unlike most other vampires, Strigoi will feed on the blood of freshly dead humans.

Unknown Vampire Line 

Ahnket was a servent of Neferata who was transformed into a first line vampire alongside the other first line vampires.  After Lahmia was destroyed by Alcadizzar He fled to far Cathay to escape Nagash and his undead legions.  There he pretended to be a powerful sorcerer prince and even aided the cathay in repelling an invasion from the chaos wastes that crashed  againest the Bastion Wall at the northeren border of Cathay.  Despite this aid his night time proloctivities were discovered he was chased from the country and took to raiding at sea.  He was eventually discovered by W'soren in the Chaos sea and W'soren tryed to convert him to Nagashes side.   Ahnket refused and his whereabouts are unknown after this encounter.

Tome Unlocks Edit

Task Rewards Order Text Destruction Text
Encounter a Vampire XP:84 teir 1 lair in norsca lvl 1-11 character required and a PQ in marshes of madness
Hail to the Horror Title:The Dawnbringer, XP:204 Marshes of Madness: Discover a specific item.
Kill 25 Vampires XP:336 N/A
Kill 100 Vampires XP:500 N/A
Kill 1000 Vampires  ???  ???  ???
 ???  ???  ???  ???

Named VampiresEdit

Tome TextEdit

Vampires are the lords of the dead, ruling over vast armies of Undead and other evil minions. They feed upon the blood of the living and are an order of magnitude stronger than a normal man.

Whichever bloodline the dread creatures belong to, be it Strigoi, Lahmia, Nechrach, or the noble houses of the Blood Dragons and Von Carsteins, Vampires are a blight upon the world of the living.

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