Uthorin Firecaller

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Uthorin Firecaller

Uthorin Firecaller

Rank 4 Champion Mob
Type Humanoids
Subtype Elf
Species Dark Elf
Zone The Blighted Isle
Subzone Thanalorn Forest

PC Reactions

Order Hostile

Uthorin Firecallers are Dark Elf mobs that spawn during the third Stage of the Thanalorn Forest Public Quest, in the Blighted Isle. If left alone, these mobs will methodically travel through the Forest, lighting trees on fire. If they ignite 8 trees before Felgrith the Arsonist is defeated, the Public Quest ends in failure.

Involved in Public Quests Edit

Stage 3: Kill Felgrith the Arsonist Within 10:00 Minutes
Don't let the Firecallers ignite the trees!

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