• Idrinth


    January 5, 2014 by Idrinth

    With WAR going offline on the official servers, it is luckily still alive on a private server. This wiki therefore still serves some purpose and I'll try to get the quality a bit improved.

    The next things I'm going to tackle are:

    • making category-names singluar(Dwarfes->Dwarf)
    • removing nested category names(Dwarf:Engineer:Abilities:Tier 1:Damaging)
    • remove links to redirect pages, so that they can be removed

    Your help would be especially welcome in:

    • improving texts
    • putting texts in the right categories
    • checking if links are targeting redirect pages
    • notifiing me of spam pages(space marine bikers for example)
    • putting up links to lonely pages

    Obviously I'm happy with everything you can do to help :)

    Happy new year to everyone

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