Free Character Transfers - July 14

Free Character Transfers - Starting 7/14/2009
Andy Belford | Community News | 07/13/2009 @ 11:47:28 EST

Another round of our Free Character Transfers starts tomorrow! Players of the following servers will be able to login to the Mythic Account Center and begin transfer of their characters starting tomorrow, July 14th 2009. Please be sure to read all instructions carefully! There are cases where you may lose items if you do not properly prepare your character for transfer. This also applies to the Guild Transfer functionality.

Source Servers To Destination Servers
Ironfist Gorfang
Vortex Volkmar
Magnus Badlands
Skull Throne

Server Population Bonuses - All Servers!
To help welcome players to their new homes and make the transfers easier for everyone, players on all servers will receive an extra 20% experience and renown for limited time!
Enjoy your new homes…WAAAGH!!!

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