A Good Time to Return

I miss the fields and battles of WAR!

A lot's happened to me over the past months. I moved to Idaho, helped my sister and her family move into a new house, had the majority of my guild leave the game, helped another wiki project move to Wikia, assisted two other wikis in providing a facelift for their projects, found a job, in short order lost that job; before long what was supposed to be a short break from WAR turned into a somewhat prolonged absence. I hadn't intended to be gone for such a length of time, and I feel somewhat guilty for leaving the game and this project for as long as I have.

That said, it's never to late to return; right now seems like a good time to do so. My subscription to the game's lapsed at this point, and as I'm currently unemployed I don't know when I'll be reactivating. But I still have several files full of content to add, and there's no reason I can't work on aspects of the project that don't require an active game account. That said, I've missed a fair amount of changes, so please let me know if I make edits regarding things that have changed since I was last in game. I'll try to leave such things to more capable fingers until I get the opportunity to knock some Destruction heads again.

It's good to be back.


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