• Heaven's Agent

    Free Character Transfers - Starting 7/14/2009
    Andy Belford | Community News | 07/13/2009 @ 11:47:28 EST

    Another round of our Free Character Transfers starts tomorrow! Players of the following servers will be able to login to the Mythic Account Center and begin transfer of their characters starting tomorrow, July 14th 2009. Please be sure to read all instructions carefully! There are cases where you may lose items if you do not properly prepare your character for transfer. This also applies to the Guild Transfer functionality.

    Destination Servers



    Server Population Bonuses - All Servers!
    To help welcome players to their new homes and make the transfers easier for everyone, players on all servers will receive an ext…

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  • Heaven's Agent

    Hot Fixes - 7/13/2009
    Andy Belford | Hot Fix | 07/13/2009 @ 10:34:26 EST

    Hope everyone has had a healthy breakfast and a warm cup of coffee, and of course to round out your balanced breakfast, here's some Hot Fixes!
    Land of the Dead
    General Changes & Bug Fixes
    • Players who defeat King Amenemhetum will properly receive credit towards the Fifth Fragment of the Superior Ward.
    • Players who deafeat Saa Khasef, Bennu Apeht, Hapu Shebikef, and Tsekani Heyafa will properly receive credit towards the Fifth Fragment of the Greater Ward.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing players to be teleported from areas near the Order warcamp to the Library of Zandri.
    Realm vs. Realm
    Capital Cities
    • Fixed an issue that could in some cases cause Torvug to become unattac…

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  • Heaven's Agent

    Grab Bag 20

    July 10, 2009 by Heaven's Agent

    WAR Grab Bag Number 20 has been posted this morning. The full article can be found and read at the WAR Herald.

    Grab Bag No. 20
    Jess Folsom | General News | 07/10/2009 @ 01:23:03 EST

    Welcome to Grab Bag Number 20! This week, we’re covering a wide variety of topics, from upcoming crowd control and AoE changes to Wards to server population and everything in between. As always, thank you to the WAR Community on the Official Forums for providing these questions—we couldn’t do this without you! Read on for all the questions and answers!

    • Source: Warhammer Herald
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  • Heaven's Agent

    A notice was posted on the WAR Herald this morning for anyone still playing on a source server:

    Immediate Server Downtime - Source Servers
    Robert Mull | Customer Service | 07/10/2009 @ 09:41:47 EST

    We will be bringing down all North American and Oceanic source servers this morning for extended server maintenance beginning at 10:00 AM EDT. We anticipate all servers to be back at approximately 4:00 PM EDT.
    We thank you for your patience and continued support. As always, please keep an eye on the Herald for any updates to this maintenance.
    Note: Please note that these are source servers affected by this downtime, i.e. servers we have allowed players to transfer off of in the past. Click through to the whole article for the list of affec…

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  • Heaven's Agent

    All North American and Oceanic game servers will be brought down tomorrow, July 8, for maintenance:

    Server Maintenance - All Servers 7/08/2009
    Andy Belford | Customer Service | 07/07/2009 @ 08:42:24 EST

    We will be bringing all North American and Oceanic servers offline tomorrow morning for maintenance. North American servers will be brought offline at 8:00 AM EDT with Oceanic servers following shortly afterward at 9:00 AM EDT. At this time we anticipate North American servers to be back online no later than 11:45 AM EDT. Oceanic servers will be back online no later than 1:45 PM EDT.
    As always, please watch the Herald for up to the minute updates regarding this downtime.
    Thank you for your continued support!

    • Source: Warhammer Herald

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