Some Information about Aion Classes

Girls07 January 29, 2010 User blog:Girls07

It's really nice to see you in aionkh, and I think we'll be good friends soon. I have some summary about Aion to share with you, our site has collected the mainly information on the other site. hope you like.

Aion uses a system where everyone starts out with four base classes(Aion gold). At level 10 players then get to specialize in their final class. The four base classes, warriors, scouts, priests and mages already decide the direction of the class.

This classification translates directly to tank, melee damage dealer, healer(aion online gold) and nuker. A warrior needs to decide between becoming a gladiator or a templar. For Priests the choices are chanter or cleric, while Mages get to pick between spiritmasters and sorcerers. Scouts can either head down the path of an assassin or go with becoming a ranger.

How well balanced the classes(aion Kinah ) are, how unique their playstyles and strategies and the fun factor involved in each of them is a huge factor for any MMORPG. For Aion: The Tower of Eternity, it is crucial to keep the balance rate and so ongoing patches continue to tweak and modify the settings to keep players happy. There are plenty of online resources available on Aion Classes, so the sections below will focus on individual classes and provide you with additional advice on each of them.

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