Aion Quest: Head back to Tolbas Village

Girls07 January 29, 2010 User blog:Girls07

Hope you like the following Aion guide which selected from the other website by me, but it's not my work, aionkh just give it a summary. Hope it can help you some.

Turn In: Hunting(Aion gold) Lepharist Revolutionaries to Abolos. (38,500 EXP). Turn In: Supplies for the Watch. (10,340 EXP). Get Quest: Retrieving Supplies. Get Quest: An Unwanted Dagger from Beris(He patrols in Tolbas Village). Get Quest: The Potion Maker's Mistake from Maniparas(1347, 2226).

Exit South and head straight South to Hianu(1641, 2230). Turn In: Feeding Hianu. (6,480 EXP). Get(aion online gold) Quest: A Special Omelette. Get Quest: Lostes, The Braggart from Lostes(1645, 2228).

Run up the hill to the Southwest and then turn East. Get Quest: Collecting Poison Sacs from Illos(1677, 2266). Update Quest: Source of the Pollution at Geolus(1676, 2271). Here is the best online website for players to aion Kinah service.

Update Quest: The Potion Maker's Mistake. Follow the road East to Lepios(1756, 2463). Update Quest: Source of the Pollution. Head West to Geolus. Update Quest: Source of the Pollution. Here We would provide you the cheapest aion money with the fastest delivery.

Head West and you will see a tree with eggs. Loot: 6 eggs. Kill: 7 Rake Claw Frillneck. Head Northwest and you will see another tree with eggs. Keep looting from both trees until you have 6.

Go Northwest down the hill. Kill: Wild Striped Tog for 7 Tog Tails. Kill: Leaf Pluma for 5 Pluma's Claw. Go East back to Lostes. Turn In: Lostes, The Braggart. (18,970 EXP). Use Return to go to Verteron. Turn In: An Unwanted Dagger to Ivis. (10,800 EXP).

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