Three part Karos guides

Girls06 February 23, 2010 User blog:Girls06

. Mining/Fishing Mining can be done by equipping a pickaxe bought/obtained from Mining Shop quest(karos gold), right click the mine (ex: Left of Berneo) to start mining. When your inventory is full you can no longer get any item, even when the items you are theoretically suppose to get is not at full capacity yet. Results = ores, gems, coals and other stuff.

Fishing can be done by equipping fishing pole bought from Fishmonger, right click fishing spot to start fishing (ex: Outside of Berneo). Results = Toads, Gold toads, fishes, bones, etc.

17. Karlotto Simply put, it is a lottery. If you have no time to level up your character,you can come to our site and have a look, we provide the most secure Karos Powerleveling. This is available from Fishmonger. However you use 'Clams'as the currency, you can add more clams than required for maybe a better chance of success (written as Kakuhen something). Special Karlotto requires 900 clams (best items) while the lowest Karlotto requires 150 clams. You did 180 clams (150+30) on lowest and got a potion of rejunevation. You did 1990 clams (900+1090) on special and got a Greater Diamond.

18. Generally-sought Karos item drop list Piece of Leather = Little GCsidae drops them, all low-lvled BEAST mobs also do Leather = Higher-lvled BEAST/HUMANOID mobs mostly Magical Stone = Lupinel Mine, you need to mine after the mine is taken over by a guild (currently unavailable) Fletta Gem Shard = Use 1 goldfish + 1 goldfish bone in the Fishmonger's game, chance of success is roughly 50%, also can be obtained from mining. That is all.

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