Karos Quest List(part seven)`

Girls06 January 29, 2010 User blog:Girls06

Hello guys, welcome to Goldceo!

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A Boasters' Trinket Name:A Boasters' Trinket NPC Start:Sullibent NPC End:Sullibent Requirements:Collect 20 Eagle Hide

Mob List: - Eagle Quest(karos gold) Start Text Right on time! Recently, more and more eagles are coming to this place. You simply cannot find out where they are coming from. Some mine workers said that they have seen a large flock of eagles in the mines. You are supposing that the eagles' nests can be found in the rocky mines. Please look for their nests, and hunt the Eagles down. Then, get you some of their Hides.

Quest(karos online gold) Complete Text You did a wonderful job. The information you gathered and these hides will help others drive the eagles out. Have you talked to Rahella yet? She's looking for you right now, so you'd better see her as soon as possible. If you've already seen her, go talk to other folks in the town. There must be someone who needs you.

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Thanks for reading and have fun.

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