Detailed introduction about Karos every class(part two)

Girls06 January 29, 2010 User blog:Girls06

Dear friends, welcome to Goldceo!

Here are some detailed introduction about Karos every class, hope you like it. By the way, our website provide the cheapest Karos Carat. If you are interested in it, please contact our customer service through live chat to know more of it.

Archer: PvE(10/10): Best grinding class if well built. They have movement speed buffs which will allow you to grind/chase mobs even faster.

PvP(5/10). Again- Only way to make archers PvP damage count is to go fire fletta. Archers have cooldown cancel skill(karos gold) which makes them to cast 2 stun arrows in a row(2.6 sec stun per)- This makes Archers more of a support class than attacker class. Archer will never solo a blader of their lvl with equipement.- simple lack of damage. Only chance for archers is to take out weak hp mages etc due to lack of siege shot. Good damage but slow attack like rangers, but lack of siege shot makes this class worse for pvp and unable Swordsman.

PvE(9/10) High HP, Very high defence, High damage, second best attack speed makes swordman one of the best grinding class- the only problem is that bladers need to run up to mobs. PvP(13/10) Absolutely overpowered. Even if they hit for less in monsters than rangers/archers- they will hit for more in PvP(karos online gold) for some reason. Swordsmans usually go fire or wind. They have almost twice more hp than other classes their level(Karos powerleveling). combined with their highest defence and two long time stuns and defence/attack power self buffs makes Swordsman a griding/killing machine that can easly solo any other class in game. It takes usually 3-4 seconds for well built blader to kill any other character in game while just their first stun lasts 4.6 seconds. To kill a high level blader with buffs and good equipement, it usually takes a whole party of people with diffrent stuns effectively solo PVP.

Thank you for your reading and have a good hunting.



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