Detailed introduction about Karos every class(part one)

Girls06 January 29, 2010 User blog:Girls06

Dear friends, welcome to Goldceo!

Here are some detailed introduction about Karos every class, hope you like it. By the way, our website provide the cheapest Karos Carat. If you are interested in it, please contact our customer service through live chat to know more of it .

Ranger: PvE(rating 9/10): Attacker Class, Good for grinding and solo/party experiance PvP(rating 7/10) specification: Rangers have quite low hp and bad armors(karos gold). Ranger on lvl 39 has only 750ish health. Without buffs rangers will be killed by Bladers in 3-4 hits(during stun) since Bladers at same lvl(Karos powerleveling) hit them for 200+. This leaves you with low attack speed making it's very hard to kill other classes in PvP gear(Hitting 100(bladers) up to 250(mages)- it is way too easy to outpotion ranger damage.

However Rangers have siege mode(5 minutes cooldown). Skill(karos online gold) that greatly increase critical rate and attack speed for 25 seconds. During Siege Mode ranger will become killing machine and pretty much only bladers can survive their siege mode if they have chance to keep attacking them without interruption for some time. You repeat- Rangers are almost unable to solo others on their lvl with PvP gear without siege shot.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service by live chat. we will help you there.

Thanks for reading and have fun.

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